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How much does a website cost?

There is no simple answer to this question, all sites are quoted on a per project basis. Prices depend greatly on complexity of the site, whether it is a dynamic site, e-commerce or a brochure style site etc. all our sites are custom built without using templates so your site is as individual as your business.

How long does it take to build a website?

The average time for a brochure style site is 3-8 weeks, this depends on all client supplied content for the site being available to us at the time of construction.

Who owns the site when it is complete?

You own the site design and the code behind it and this is available on disk on request. Any software on coding that was developed for the site by us our a sub contractor and any code that was added from other developer sources remain the intellectual property of the supplier. This also applies to any stock images or photography we supply to the site. You are free to use them in your website but you cannot resell them without prior permission from the suppliers. For example if a web developer writes a booking engine for your hotel site you can use this code and edit for further uses you just cannot sell it to another entity. Some other restrictions may apply when custom code is contracted.

Will you update the site for me?

We will maintain and update your site for a monthly fee or at an hourly rate. Please let us know if you wish to have this service, we will quote for this with your initial paperwork. There is no obligation to use our maintenance or updating once the site is completed

Can I update the website myself?

Unless you opt for a database driven site or a CMS (Content Management System)  you can update the site yourself if you have a good understanding of html and css. We can however update the site for you as part of a maintenance agreement.

How do I get listed on a search engine?

This is the multi-million dollar question, search engines guard their algorithms very closely. The basic concept is to construct the site using relevant content to your business and design it with search engines in mind. We do this as a matter of course but do not guarantee positioning or ranking. Please request our marketing package for more information..

What is SSL & Secure Certificate?

SSL( Secure Socket Layers) this is required for accepting credit cards or when you want to protect personal information. This allows you to to have a page or pages where you can accept personal information for processing payments. These have the URL prefix https and have the little padlock in the bottom corner of your browser.

What is Hosting? Why do I need it?

Once your website is completed and even during construction it needs to sit on a server where the rest of the world can access it, this is called hosting. The average costs of our hosting is $19.95 per month and comes with email accounts and lots of space and bandwidth. We don’t require you to host with us but it does make database and email setup much easier and we don’t have to charge for additional time in working with other systems.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the your address on the web (for example or Your website will need at least one domain registration usually Many good domain names are already registered but many times you can find one to suit your requirements. The best domains are the shortest and easiest to spell, you want your clients to be able to remember it and type it into a browser.

What is CSS?

CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, a new feature being added to HTML that gives both Web site developers and users more control over how pages are displayed. With CSS, designers and users can create style sheets that define how different elements, such as headers and links, appear. These Style Sheets can then be applied to any Web page. It also allows a very high amount of control for positioning elements on a web page and this site is constructed using this feature. All new sites we build feature CSS either in part or as a complete design.

What is a Design Process?

Brochure Style: This is usually a series of pages that describe your business with images and contact information, not unlike a brochure. These are not dynamic and they do not offer e-commerce. They usually have multiple pages for the products or services as well as information about the company and contact information and forms.

Dynamic or Content Management System: This means that part or the entire site runs from a database and the information can be updated via a user page or interface. A good example of this is our portfolio pages where all the images and information are drawn from a database. These sites are more expensive than brochure sites as there is a lot of behind the scenes coding that interfaces with the design.

E-Commerce: These sites are mostly database driven, allowing customers to search and purchase products, we specialize in OS Commerce sites, VirtueMart, WooCommerce and other platforms.

Custom: Custom design means built from scratch using client supplied content but with our original designs. Some web design companies will use templates and then customize or edit them for a client, all our sites are original and custom built.


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