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Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox
Google Sandbox is a filter or filter which originally only suspected installed on the new website. Great impact that a website does not obtain good rankings for a number of keywords and keyword arrangement although it may contain great content, the incoming links (incoming links) are plentiful and high PageRank. Many SEO experts say that the sandbox is a trial period for Google’s website as well as efforts to combat spam sites.

Can be concluded that the Google Sandbox is the process by which a website experienced a probationary period like the new website. Rankings in search results of keywords mainstay of unknown primary position although it has lots of incoming links and quality content. This is the punishment most feared by website owners who rely on search engines as the only source of traffic.

Website owners and SEO experts are just beginning to recognize the presence of the negative effects of Google Sandbox in March 2004. The site launched after months of the unknown can not get a good ranking in the first few months circulating in cyberspace. ranking of search results are in a bad position despite bearing the PageRanks nice, lots of incoming links and quality SEO optimization.

All websites have a similar chance of affected sandbox. This problem is more greet the new website is looking for a good ranking in the competition tight arrangement of keywords. All websites will inhabit the sandbox for a certain duration, but rank websites looking at the tight competition actually takes longer.

There are a number of reasons why a website free of threats sandbox, one of which is the launch date in cyberspace before March 2004. Website targeting low competition keywords tend to be safe from the dangers of the sandbox, but did not rule out the affected despite relatively short trial period. Moreover the website with the domain name of the legacy before March 2004 is also free of threats probation.

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