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Link Building Helps Your Site’s SEO Rankings!

BY DAVID Acquiring links to improve your SEO can make up to 80% of the impact for your website to appear on the first page of Google. There are several link building tactics that can be used to improve your rankings. Adopting white hat SEO methods is the best way to get your website’s rankings onto the first page of Google over the long term. To achieve this, you need your website to acquire links naturally. This is where many people engaging in SEO struggle since they are unaware of the tactical methods they can use that will allow them

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Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is a filter or filter which originally only suspected installed on the new website. Great impact that a website does not obtain good rankings for a number of keywords and keyword arrangement although it may contain great content, the incoming links (incoming links) are plentiful and high PageRank. Many SEO experts say that the sandbox is a trial period for Google’s website as well as efforts to combat spam sites. Can be concluded that the Google Sandbox is the process by which a website experienced a probationary period like the new website. Rankings in search results of keywords

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Stretchable Electronics

29.02.16 – EPFL researchers have developed conductive tracks that can be bent and stretched up to four times their original length. They could be used in artificial skin, connected clothing and on-body sensors. Conductive tracks are usually hard printed on a board. But those recently developed at EPFL are altogether different: they are almost as flexible as rubber and can be stretched up to four times their original length and in all directions. And they can be stretched a million times without cracking or interrupting their conductivity. The invention is described in an article published today in the journal Advanced

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Not only has Instagram announced it will be introducing a new feed algorithm, it is also rolling out the ability for creators to upload videos of up to 1 minute. That’s a game-changing four times the length of the current allowance. While Instagram, along with Vine, and Snapchat, has challenged brands to tell their stories in the shortest timeframes, this move will position the platform in an interesting middle ground that will give creators much more flexibility for the type of content that can published. My first reaction to this change is that it is a great one for both marketers, your average users and

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How To Use Hashtags

Did you know that individuals can see a 100 percent increase in engagement by using hashtags, while brands can see a 50 percent increase. Hashtags can be a great way to engage with followers on social media, to introduce new products or services and gain traction for an event. Yet many marketers are not fully aware that how hashtags work and how they can leverage it Thanks to the folks at Surepayroll who have created the infographic below, that breaks down how to use hastags on 3 major social networking sites – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and gives some tips for creating a

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25 Useful Free Sites And Services

  DOUG AAMOTH With all the mobile technology that’s available today, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the lowly desktop web browser. But that big, nimble rectangle of connected, glowy goodness has continued its course as an indispensible tool over the years. Here’s a look at sites and services to help you work smarter, save bigger, and generally improve your life in one way or another. TIME SAVERS Everything In One Place Throughout your digital lifetime, you’ve amassed a lot of “stuff” and—if you’re like most people—it’s probably scattered among various services. Xendo ties together 30 popular services, from Asana to

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Interpretations Of Search Queries

Evaluating Semantic Interpretations Of A Search Query Published March 31, 2016 by Dave Davies A few days ago David Harry published an excellent article on Google’s RankBrain on The SEM Post.  If you haven’t yet read it I’d put it in the “must read if you care about the future of search” category.  It helps readers get a grasp on what RankBrain is and what it’s doing behind the scenes and you can find it here.  Go on and read it.  I’ll wait until you get back … Excellent, with that under our belts I’m going to be discussing a

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Brand or Buyer, important for marketers to understand?

One of the ongoing debates among digital marketers is over whether brand identity or customer understanding is more important in forming a digital marketing strategy. Proponents of the former say if you haven’t clearly identified what your brand is and what differentiates it, you have no clear message to communicate. The other side argues that understanding the problems, needs, and desires of your customers and prospects is the key. It begins to sound like a series of beer commercials from the 70s: In the ads, fans of Miller Lite (assuming there are such people) take sides on one of the

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Inbound Marketing Strategies

“Inbound marketing strategies covers every stage of the buying process from stranger to brand advocates. It empowers business to attract, covert, close and delight customers by being in the right place, at the right time. When used correctly, inbound marketing strategies is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in a digital world.” This infographic sheds some light on how to accelerate business growth with inbound marketing.

Website Design Strategy

Is your business in need of a boost in conversion rates? Are you doing a good job of attracting potential customers as things stand? Does your brand need a Thor-level jolt of thunderous applause and marketability? Or, has your logo fallen into pitfalls of failure that must be avoided while designing a logo? If yes, then it is time for you to take advantage of a perfect website design strategy and plan for your brand. Why? Some case studies have shown that brands enjoy a 31% increase in the conversion rate as a result of doing so. Want to know

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